Stainless Steel Positive Rotary Lobe Pump (Twin Lobe)

SS Rotary Lobe Pump, Twin Lobe Pump Manufacturer, Exporter in India

Typical Products Efficiently Handled By S. S. Lobe Pumps
ModelPort Connection Max head Max Speed R.P. M.H.P. Pump Max Capacity L.P.H.
Bakery ProductButters, flavourings, frostings, fruit  fillings, fats & Oil, sweeteners, yeast slurry.
Beverage ProductsBeer, wort, yeast, alcohol, wines, soft drink, fruit concentrates & fruit drinks.
Chemical ProductsAcetone, Adhesive, alcohol, alkyd resins Ammonia, amylacetate, barium Sulphate, benzene.
Canning ProductsPotato salad, baby foods, soups, salad dressing, tomato ketchup, fruit juice, pumpkin slurry,
cream style vegetable,
jams, jellies and  mayonnaise.
Confectionery ProductsSugar syrup, cream filling, chocolate mixture, choco- milk
Cosmetic ProductsFace cream and lotion, lipstick, hair dye, essential oil, shampoo, shaving cream, toothpaste.
Dairy ProductsButter, butter milk, milk cream, milk condensed, margarine, ice cream, milk fruit, yoghurt, cheese curd and whey.
Meat ProductsMeat chunk, sauce and paste, meat ground, pet food.
Pharmaceutical ProductsAntibiotics, Streptomycin, cough syrup, health tonic, pil paste, syrups and Extract,  vitamin malt fish oil, emulsions.