Stainless Steel Vertical Pump


SS Vertical Lobe Pumps Manufacturer, Exporter in India

All Parts in contact with the product liquid are made form AISI-316 quality stainless steel alloys to meet exacting
requirements of hygienic standard.

  • Vertical lobe pump is a lobe pump in which the connections of the lobe pumps are placed vertically.
  • As the rotors start to rotate, an expanding cavity is formed by rotation of the lobes which creates a vacuum at the inlet port, drawing liquid in pumping chamber
  • The product liquid is carried between the lobes and positively displaced, thereby sealing itself against the internal faces of the pump casing.
  • The other lobe chamber is filed with the product liquid and about to commence it’s discharge cycle.
  • Finally the product liquid is forced or pressed out of discharge port of the pump in continuous smooth flow and pressure generated by the meshing of the lobe rotors.